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Things You Must Do After Incorporation Of A Private Limited Company

As you form Private Limited Company government expects you to follow certain rules and regulations to keep your company active you need to comply with Compliance for Private Limited Company.

Let’s start with some of the basic mandatory compliance's which are required immediately after forming your Company.

Mandatory Compliance – within 30 Days.

1. Appointment of First Auditor.

2. Preparing and printing Share certificates

3. Quarterly Compliance (After Every 90 Days)

4. Holding the Board Meeting

5. Drafting the notice of Board Meeting

6. Preparing minutes thereof

7. Preparation of attendance sheets of the board meetings,

8. Preparing the directors’ disclosures of interest in other concerns.

Quarterly Compliance (After Every 90 Days)

1. Holding the Board Meeting

2. Drafting the notice of Board Meeting

3. Preparing minutes thereof

4. Preparation of attendance sheets of the board meetings.

Annual Compliance (Financial Year)

1. Annual Compliance (Financial Year)

2. Obtaining the financials from Auditor;

3. Drafting the minutes for the pre ­AGM boar

d meeting

4. Auditor’s Appointment Document has to be prepared;

5. Drafting of Director Report

6. Preparation of Annual General Meeting Minutes

7. Filling of AOC 4 , ADT 1 , MGT 7 Filling of Company Income Tax Return.

(Penalties may apply in case if you have not complied with these regulations on time)

  1. As Per Section 139 of Company Act 2013 Every Company has to appoint Auditor within 30 Days from date of incorporation.

  2. Every Company need to comply with Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting and EGM.

  3. Each ROC (Registrar of Companies) Filings return shall be file after AGM and verified by ROC

Please let us know if you have any doubts or clarification on the same.

We will be glad to help you with any questions with regard to your Query.



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