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Statutory Audit
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Company Audit, Tax Audits & Other Statutory Audits

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Why Audit

Why Audit ?

Who Needs to Get Audited in India ?


  • Mandatory audit for all registered companies under Companies Act, 2013.

  • Comprehensive audit for companies exceeding turnover and capital limits specified by the Act.

Sole Proprietorships

  • No mandatory audit, regardless of turnover.

  • Tax audit might be needed under Income Tax Act if turnover exceeds specified limit (1 Cr)

NGOs, Charitable Trusts

  • Audit required for transparency in fund utilization.

  • Requirements vary based on state regulations and organizational structure.

Partnership Firms

  • No mandatory audit unless turnover surpasses a threshold.

  • Tax audit under Income Tax Act (section 44AB) if turnover crosses the limit.

Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Turnover exceeds INR 40 lakh, or

  • Contribution exceeds INR 25 lakh in any financial year.

Cooperative Societies

  • If their annual turnover or gross receipts exceed the state-defined threshold.

  • These thresholds can range from INR 5 lakh to INR 20 lakh

How Much Does It Cost ?

What We Offer

Financial Statement Examination

Compliance Checks

Audit Report

Statutory Filings

Timely Completion (5-7 Days)

At Taxmarket, we understand that every business is unique, and so are their statutory audit requirements. We believe in providing tailored solutions that perfectly fit your specific needs.


After an initial meeting and a thorough understanding of your requirements, we'll provide you with a fixed and competitive price that ensures you get the exact services you need without any surprises.


Trust Taxmarket for transparent, customized, and cost-effective statutory audit services. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and get started.

Best Statutory Audit & Consulting Services in India

Are you searching for reliable and professional statutory audit services in Chennai? Look no further than TaxMarket. We specialize in providing top-notch statutory audit solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

At TaxMarket, we understand the critical role that accurate financial reporting plays in the success of any business. Our team of experienced auditors is committed to delivering comprehensive Statutory Audit Consulting Services that ensure your financial statements adhere to regulatory standards and present a true reflection of your company's financial health.

Audit & Assurance Services in India

Explore TaxMarket's Audit & Assurance Services in India to elevate the integrity of your financial reporting. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your financial statements are not only accurate but also instill confidence among stakeholders, investors, and regulatory bodies.

Our Audit & Assurance Services in India go beyond traditional auditing. We offer strategic insights into your financial processes, helping you identify areas of improvement and optimization. With TaxMarket as your partner, you can be confident that your financial statements are transparent, compliant, and aligned with industry best practices.

Streamlined Statutory Auditing Services in India

Navigating the complexities of statutory auditing in India has never been easier. TaxMarket's seasoned professionals bring years of experience to the table, ensuring a seamless audit process that meets regulatory demands while adding tangible value to your business operations.

Our Statutory Auditing Services in India are designed to streamline the audit process for businesses of all sizes. We understand the intricacies of local regulations and industry requirements, allowing us to conduct thorough audits that provide insights beyond compliance. With TaxMarket, you'll experience an audit that not only meets legal obligations but also enhances your operational efficiency.

Trusted Partner for Statutory Audit in India - TaxMarket's Commitment

Choosing the right partner for your statutory audit needs is essential. At TaxMarket, our deep understanding of the Indian business landscape, combined with our commitment to accuracy and quality, makes us the preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable statutory audit services.

When you partner with TaxMarket, you're choosing a team that is dedicated to your success. Our expert auditors work diligently to ensure that your statutory audit process is smooth, insightful, and compliant. We take pride in being a trusted partner that adds value to your business by delivering accurate financial assessments and actionable insights.

Statutory Audit Consulting Services in India

Auditing is the process of independently verifying the accuracy and completeness of financial statements and other information. An audit aims to assure that an organization’s financial statements and additional information are free from material errors, fraud, and misstatements.


Statutory audits in India are required by law in many jurisdictions and are usually conducted by chartered accountants (CAs). It involves checking bank balances, financial transactions, and accounting records to ensure accuracy and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

With its Statutory Audit Consulting services, Taxmarket helps organizations in India comply with the statutory audit requirements of the Companies Act, 2013, Income Tax Act 1961. We have a team of experienced chartered accountants and other professionals who can assist you with all aspects of the statutory audit process, from planning to execution and reporting.

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What Our Customers Say


a week ago


Taxmarket is a highly competent CA firm. For income tax returns, audits, GST compliance, and other relevant services, we use their services.

I am completely happy and offer everyone my personal suggestion.

unnamed (2).png

a month ago


I'm really happy with this company! I'm from the USA, and I had a query regarding the form 15 CA. I simply asked the query in a WhatsApp message I sent to this company. I assumed that I wouldn't hear back. Unexpectedly, they phoned me the very following morning to respond to my query. Mr. Abijith spoke with me and dispelled my uncertainty. They exceeded my hopes in every way!


2 months ago


The skilled team of Yashwanth, Suraj, and others at Tax Market is really professional. They provide the greatest assistance and guidance. The crew is very upbeat, eager to learn how they can better assist us, and happy to give each employee the freedom to fulfil his or her position. They help us develop our company to the next level. They provide us with a welcoming environment. Overall, the greatest squad with the best and most energetic CA's

unnamed (4).png

3 months ago


Best Firm for Advisory Services in Blockchain and Crypto. They assisted us in developing our ideas, strategies, and legal and financial issues. CA Suraj Sir helped us get seed money and made connections for us with VC firms and angel investors. A big thank you!

unnamed (1).png

2 months ago


"One place for all your needs"
Would be how you would sum it up. Customers can really on the team at Tax Market to be excellent and trustworthy. It's a one-stop firm for you.

I appreciate the good service you provided."

unnamed (3).png

4 weeks ago


Since I have been using their tax return services for three years, I can attest to the company's commitment to putting customers first and ensuring that their issues are resolved quickly. I heartily endorse their offerings. Thank you, MS Natasha CA, for all your assistance.

  • What types of processes can be audited?
    Process audits can encompass various areas such as manufacturing, quality management, supply chain, financial operations, human resources, IT systems, and more.
  • How often should process audits be conducted?
    The frequency of process audits depends on factors such as industry regulations, organizational complexity, risk exposure, and internal policies. Typically, they are conducted annually or biennially, but critical processes may require more frequent audits.
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing process audits to a specialized audit firm?
    Access to expertise: Audit firms possess specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in conducting process audits across various industries. Independence and objectivity: External auditors offer an unbiased perspective, ensuring the integrity and credibility of audit findings. Resource optimization: Outsourcing audits allows organizations to focus internal resources on core business activities while leveraging external expertise for audit functions.
  • What are the potential consequences of neglecting process audits?
    Increased risk exposure: Without regular audits, organizations may overlook compliance issues, operational inefficiencies, or emerging risks. Quality and reputation issues: Inadequate processes can lead to product/service defects, customer dissatisfaction, and damage to the organization's reputation. Regulatory non-compliance: Failure to comply with regulations and standards can result in legal penalties, fines, or loss of business licenses.

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