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PF Registration

Registration with Provident Fund Organisation is mandatory for establishments employing 20 or more employees. However, it can also be taken on the voluntary basis with the consent of its employees. We assist you to obtain registration with PF department for the most reasonable fee and fast. The provident fund is a social security scheme having the government guarantee to its members. The provisions of the PF Act applies to the establishment based on the number of employees. The establishments must apply for registration within 30 days of reaching the number of employees required for coverage. After registration with PF, the establishment must allot Unique Identification Number (UIN) number to its eligible employees and deposit the PF contribution before 15th of next month.


Meaning of Employee

1. Full-time employees

2. Part-Time Employees

3. Employees Working at Home

4. Contract Employees

5. Full-time Consultants

Compulsory Registration

The establishment employing 20 or more employees is required to obtain registration with PF department within 30 days of reaching that number. This number is irrespective of salary

Voluntary Registration

The employer with the consent of its employee can also seek optional coverage for its establishment so that their employees avail the benefit of the provident fund.


As the PF registration is required only when the number of employees reaches 20, hence ESIC registration is also necessary as is required to be obtained when the number of employee reaches 10


  • Pan card of Establishment

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Canceled cheque of Establishment

  • Address Proof of establishment (Rent agreement, Water/Electricity/Telephone Bill in the name of establishment)

  • Specimen signature of Directors and Authorised Signatories

  • Consent of Majority of Employees in case of voluntary registration

  • Digital Signature of Authorized Applicant (Class-2)


Employee Declaration

After allotment of Provident Fund Code to the establishment, Form No -2, of employees must be obtained as their declaration on coverage eligibility and to record a nominee for the fund.

Allotment of UAN / PF Number

The employer is required to allot PF number / Unique Identification Number (UAN) after verifying the KYC document of the employees. The UAN is the account number of PF for the employee.

Preparation of Registers

Establishment registered with PF must prepare and maintain proper labour register and produce the same for the verification by the enforcement office of the Provident Fund when he visits the premises.

Monthly PF Payment & Return

While paying the salary to the employee, the employer is liable to deduct 12% of salary as PF contribution. The due PF and a Monthly return must be submitted before 15th of next month.

PF Transfer or Withdrawal

The employer is also required to be one point contact for all PF transfer and withdrawal by the employees. The requests received from the employees must be promptly processed and deposited with PF office.

Late PF Payment.

The PF dues for the month must be paid within its due date. If late paid, then the same is disallowed as expenses under income tax act, and PF department also collects damages @ 18% per month.



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