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Income Tax Filing - Partnership Firm

  • In case of a company or a firm irrespective of whether there is any income or loss or NIL income during the financial year, it is mandatory to file income tax return.

  • E filing of Income Tax return is compulsory if you want to claim income tax refund.

  • If you want to carry forward loss under any head of income, it is mandatory to file IT Return.

Types of Income a Partnership Firm may have

  • Business or Profesion

  • Capital Gains

  • Others-Interest Income, Gift, Winnings etc


Documents Required



  • Aadhar Cards of All partners

  • PAN Cards of all Partners and Partnership Firm


  • All Bank Account Statements in the name of the Partnership Firm

  • Income Tax Login Credentials

Business or Profesion

  • Books of Accounts: All the Books of Accounts maintained by Assessee either in soft copy or In physical form

  • GST Returns Documents (If applicable)

  • All other business related documents available

Capital Gains

  • Purchase Documents of the Assets

  • Sales Documents of the Assets

  • All other Invoices or Documents retlated to purchase and sale of the the Asset

Others-Interest Income, Gift, Winnings etc,.

  • All the other information related to Income (I,e, not covered under any of the above Incomes)

Other Documents - Deductions ( if any)

  • Donation paid receipts

  • Any tax savings investment details


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