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Foreign Company Registration in India

Requirements for incorporation of Foreign Company in India

One should establish a company with three directors which includes two foreign nationals and one local citizen. In this case, 100% of the shares of the Indian company can be held by foreign nationals/ NRI. The address in India is served as the registered office of the company. 

Foreign companies establish their offices in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai etc.

In order to start a domestic indian company with foriegn holding company , a minimum of two individuals and an address is required in India. If we are talking about a private limited company, it should have at least two directors (individuals) and a minimum of two shareholders (can be individuals or even corporate entities). Furthermore, one of the Director of the Company must be an Indian Citizen and also an Indian Resident (any individual who has continuously stayed in the country of India for over 186 days).

Cost for company registration in India

Company formation services in India are inexpensive. The company formation process can be completed within few weeks. The incorporation process can be easy with the help of Taxmarket. It would cost you some pennies but the whole process will be easy for you.

Mandatory documents required for Company Registration in India

  • In order to register a company in India, the foreign nationals are supposed to submit a copy of their passport along with an address proof (Driver’s License, Bank Statement etc.).

  • The copy of the original documents should be notarized by a Notary in the home country or by the Indian Embassy in the respective country where the foreign Director belongs to

  • In case a corporate entity is aiming to become a shareholder in the Indian Company then the Board Resolution from the foreign company should authorize the investment in the Indian Company.

  • The Board Resolution that has been decided upon mutually among the Directors should be attached with a notarized copy of the incorporation certificate of the foreign company.

  • This is to be noted that the presence of any of the foreign Directors is not mandatory required in India at the time of incorporation in India. Thus, the foreign nationals have the flexibility of establishing and operating a business in India without even travelling to India.

Formalities after incorporation of a company in India

After the incorporation of a company is completed in India, the Indian Director can help in opening a bank account in the newly incorporated company’s name.

Once the bank account has been successfully opened, there must be FDI reporting to the Reserve Bank of India.

The process of reporting the FDI flow into the company is very simple and can be easily completed easily by a legal or an accounting professional practicing in India.

After the completion of FDI reporting, it should be ensured that the business is in proper compliance with all the mandatory regulations in India and is ready for operation. 



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