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How Did a ₹100 Crore Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Achieve Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction through Optimizing Their Supply Chain?

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Challenges Faced:

  1. Fragmented processes, delays, and limited visibility hindered efficiency.

  2. Stringent regulations caused risks and delays in product approvals.

  3. Inventory imbalances, stockouts, and longer lead times affected operations.

  4. Outdated systems and manual work hampered productivity.

  5. Inconsistent delivery times and order fulfilment issues affected customer happiness.

Strategy and Approach:

We implemented the following strategies to address these challenges:

  1. A collaborative system was introduced for better visibility and coordination.

  2. Advanced tools were utilized for accurate demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

  3. A dedicated team ensured compliance with regulations and expedited product approvals.

  4. Manual processes were automated, improving accuracy and scalability.

  5. Strategic partnerships were fostered, and quality assurance measures were implemented.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of these strategies led to significant improvements for Our Client:

  1. Lead times were reduced by 30%, enhancing operational efficiency.

  2. Product approvals became timelier, reducing delays by 25%.

  3. Stockouts decreased by 40%, leading to better on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.

  4. Automation reduced manual errors by 50%, increasing productivity and saving 15% in operational costs.

  5. Our Client achieved a 10% increase in market share, strengthening their position.

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